Field Trip APK Download Latest V2.0.9 For Android

This application allows you to find the historical places as well as latest locations. If you install the Field Trip Apk application on your mobile it will pop up every important location while you are going nearby and also it will show you the card showing your details.

Field Trip APK Download Latest V2.0.9 For Android OS:

field trip apk download


If you use the headphones or Bluetooth this application reads the information regarding the location. Not only the historical locations, it can also pop-up the best places to eat, shop and you can have the fun. It will also guide you to move to next location nearby and it will give the information automatically. The expert’s guide in the application will let you move to the latest unique products and stores.

How to Download and Install the Field Trip Apk for Android?

  1. Download the APK file from google on your computer. Make sure that the downloading APK file must be not fake or cracked. Visit the genuine websites or you can download it from this guide by clicking on the provided link.
  2. Connect your android mobile to the PC with USB cable and copy the downloaded APK file into your mobile.
  3. Disconnect the mobile and tap on the copied APK file on your mobile and install the application.
  4. That’s it. Now you can use the application to find out the favorite and cool places around the world.

You can download this application from the google play store for free of cost and avail all the features provided by it. The latest news about this application is, with the help of android wear watch you can explore the world, receive notifications of the field trip and also you can search for nearby field trip cards with the wear watch. This application is developed by Niantic and is compatible with the Android version 2.3 and above. Just install Field trip Apk application on your android mobile and see the world in a different manner with new eyes.

Features of Field Trip APK Android Application:

  1. You can discover the plenty of new locations around you such as historical places, food drinks, outdoor art, movie locations, lifestyle and much more.
  2. You can choose the mode by setting the frequency of field trip Apk notifications and a map in the application provides you the complete information regarding nearby places.
  3. While you are driving it will read the importance of that particular location so that you can stop and visit the place.
  4. You can also share the captures of the places via Facebook, E-mail, Twitter and other social networking sites.
  5. You will be able to set any place as a favorite so that you can easily get back to that place at any time.
  6. You can also check the list of the latest discovered places in the “recent” selection.
  7. As this application runs in the background on your mobile it doesn’t need any click.
  8. If your mobile is installed with this application then you are no more a stranger in any place.
  9. When you reach any location it will show you the history of the place and also latest updates regarding that places.
  10. This application only developed for smartphones, not for tablets.


If you really want to discover the new places around you then this application helps you a lot and also you can have fun using it. You will not feel that you are new to any place as this application allows you to move to an unknown place. We hope this article assist you to install the Field Trip  Apk application on your android mobile and if you face any problem with installation get back to us with your queries to resolve those issues.