MX Player APK Download :: Latest V1.9.3 For Android Device

MX Player is the most powerful and advanced video player that comes with featured rich hardware acceleration and subtitle support. Know the process to download the MX Player Apk on your device to enjoy playing videos in HD quality.

For all those who want to enjoy stream videos in HD quality with other enhanced featured may download the MX Player Apk on their Android device for free. MX Player is the best and one of its kind video players for Android devices and it was developed to enable the users to enjoy streaming videos in HD quality for free. MX Player is known for its simplicity in its user interface and ability to do things faster and better way.

MX Player APK Download V1.9.3 For Android Device:

MX Player Apk


The application is known for its gestures and other amazing features which make it the best video player that can make video playback smooth and handy on your Android device. The gestures controls make video playback experience enjoyable and effortless. You can pinch zoom, volume up on respective sides, scroll for brightness and move out the video on the home screen and much more. There are lot many features which give MX Player an edge over all Android video player apps. But, sometimes downloading the application from Google Play Store lags and this is when you need to download the APK of the application to get it on your device.

Steps to Download MX Player APK on Android Device:

There are many benefits associated with downloading the MX Player Apk on your device. It will not only enhance your video streaming experience but also increase the quality of the video which you will be streaming on their video player. Some of the benefits associated with this application are:

  • Simple Gestures to Control Playback – With other video players you need to drag the fingertip exactly through the playback progress bar to skip to a specific position and if you misplace your finger then it may not suit you. So, MX Player Apk has broadened the possibility by the included simple gestures entire screen. You can use your fingertips anywhere on the screen to control the video playback. There is also the option to pinch zoom in and out.
  • Hardware Acceleration – With MX Player Apk you will find 3 diverse hardware encoding setups, HW+, HW and SW, of which HW+ is more advanced as you get more volume and video playback performance boost. These encoders push the video processor and chipsets to offer content without affecting the device.
  • Supports all Subtitle Formats – The most advanced feature of MX Player App is that it supports all the prime media files. Most of the mobile media players are not effective when it comes to subtitles. But, this is not the case with MX Player. Users can throw any subtitles at this video player to enjoy smooth viewing experience.

Download of MX Player APK on Android:

The process to download the application or the APK file of MX Player on your Android device is very easy. However, there are certain things which you need to fulfill in order to get the APK of the application on your Android device.

  • Go to settings and scroll down to security settings and tap on “Unknown Sources”
  • No go to the browser of your mobile and download the APK file
  • You can download directly from
  • Store the APK on your SD card of your device
  • Now navigate to the location where you have stored the APK file of MX Player
  • Now you need to tap on the APK to start the installation of the application on your device
  • You will be asked for some permission which you need to grant for successful installation
  • You need to wait till the application is installed on your device successfully

Once the installation is over successfully, you need to choose the video file which you want to stream on MX Player and then enjoy streaming videos in HD quality through MX Player Apk.


If you love watching videos on your mobile, then give a fair chance to MX Player Apk to enjoy streaming the videos in enriched quality and to enjoy several other features it has to offer.